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Yin Yoga

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Yin Yoga is the practice and invitation to slow down into deep surrender and stillness. The much needed balance and counter to our yang practices and lifestyle. Yin yoga focuses on long holds, with support from various props such as blocks, sandbags, straps, blankets, and bolsters. Because of the amount of time each posture is held and supported, it works with the fascia, or connective tissues of the body, as opposed to the muscular structures, resulting in a deep letting go and unraveling- not only of the physical, but the emotional patterns stored within the body as well. Expect themes related to Chinese Medicine and 5 element theory, organ systems and their seasonal focus, breathwork, meditation and at times, yoga nidra- deep rest states through systematic guided practices. Class in English // Open to all levels Important to book at or through Eversports

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Rue de Lyon 8, Geneva, Switzerland

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