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Prenatal Yoga

After assisting several pregnant women in my yoga classes, it was them, my students who encouraged me to continue my education in Pre and Post-natal yoga in oder to give specific classes during and after pregnancy. What can you expect in my classes?

My pre-natal class is an invitation to gather in community and share a safe space of practice for mums. Beyond an asana and yoga movement class, we will build together a safe space:

  • To Connect: with your baby, with other mums, with your breath, your body and your needs - What do you need at this moment?

  • To Trust the Process: and in this process we will explore tools that you can integrate and incorporate for you (pranayama, meditation, affirmations and yoga poses to bring calm and relaxation) - How do I reinforce trust in myself, this process and as a mum?

  • To Nourish: you are welcome as you are, as you feel in the present moment, embracing the process and motherhood in the best way it resonates for you… we will explore yoga practices to nourish, release and energise you and your baby. How do I nourish myself and my baby in all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically?

Looking forward to seeing you in class!

Got any question?

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