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Meditation and Mindfulness

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  • Bubble Yoga Zürich

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Our weekly Meditation & Mindfulness group, exploring meditation practice to be part of your toolbox! Meditation is a practice of self-exploration. A self-exploration that comes through techniques such as mindfulness, training the attention and awareness of the mind, and aiming at finding a space of calmness, less noise (internal and external), or simply a pause to tune in. Our three main elements of exploration relate to mind, body, and breath interconnection and how it affects our system. What is the meditators tribe? Your weekly space to gather in community Meditation practice with different techniques to make it available for your own toolbox Understanding that a meditator is anyone who practices meditation, without conditions of background, age, personal situation, spiritual expression, etc. Class in English // Open to all level & recommended for beginners. Important to book at or through Eversports

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Rue de Lyon 8, Geneva, Switzerland

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