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Vinyasa Flow

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Vinyasa Flow is a modern day approach to Postural Yoga. Linking each of the movements with the breath, the class transitions from the beginning to the end, moving effortlessly through the succession of changes or postures. In this way, one notices what changes, but also what stays the same. Vinyasa means "to consciously place in a special way or particular order towards an intended goal." The class is structured in a way to create an effective and safe program for all levels and abilities with modifications and progressions depending on the students needs. Expect an inspiring Theme, Body Warm Up, Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, Focus on Forward Bends, Backbends, or Twists, relevant Counterposes, and perhaps an Inversion. Our Teachers Offer Hands-On Assists. If you would NOT like an assist, please let the teacher know at the start of class, as well as any other relevant information that they should know, such as working with an injury etc. Have Fun! Class in English // Open to all levels Important to book at or through Eversports

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Rue de Lyon 8, Geneva, Switzerland

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